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What happened to R.L. Stine?

Back in middle school, R.L. Stine books used to be hot property. His Fear Street series were the talk of the classroom. My friends and I would trade books and desperately wait for the newest edition. Then there was the rise of his Goosebumps series and the Saturday morning TV show...and just like that he disappeared off the charts. Well, at least to me because I went to the 8th grade and thrillers just weren't cool anymore. I wonder if Stine has struck a cord with today's Radio Disney tweens? I checked out his site and it says he's bringing Fear Street wishes with that Mr. Stine and thanks for making reading fun.

So what books did you love when you were younger, then totally abandon and remember like ten years later?


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Karen, just wanted you to know I visited your blog. Great stuff! And what a beautiful picture of you.

SolShine7 said...

Why thank you...I really enjoy reading your blog (as you can tell by my frequent comments). Keep up the good work!!