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Smallville's Justice League

There are big episodes and then there are BIG episodes. Tonight's Smallville is one of the latter. The Justice League makes their grand entrance...Clark Kent, The Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg are teaming up to save the cheerleader--wait, that's Heroes--well, at least there will be some saving the world involved. Woo hoo!

Bottom line: you gotta watch or TiVo it, then come back yonder and share your reactions about this super-packed episode.

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dman said...

justice league is sweet cant wait to see them on smallville

chrisd said...

I have not watched Smallville ever but am considering now. That looked really great!

Have a wonderful weekend--Chris

SolShine7 said...

dman, you got it right. This episode was subperb, hands down the best espisode of season 6 and definately in the Top 10 of the entire show. It was so cool how Chloe worked with the league, she's knows all the secrets now.

They should do a spin-off for the Justice League when Smallville ends. It should be in a new city and include all the superheroes except Clark (who stays in Kansas) plus would be the perfect plot fit!!

Chrisd, you gotta watch Smallville. You just gotta! ;)

Top said...

Argh! My comment was lost! Anyways, one of my fav episodes of TV ever! Flash was not on though, that was Impulse, Flash is Wally West. I'm loving Chloe's character more and more, she's been the most consistently good of all the characters on the show. I think the storylines should spend more time in Metropolis and start showing us Superman, because the JLA can't really exist without him. Great post.

SolShine7 said...

Top, I totally agree with you about Chloe. Her character development has been a joy to watch. They should give her a spin-off. Did you know that since she's so well-developed they've added her to the Superman mythology. Go Chloe!!

I orginally typed Impulse instead of Flash then I changed it because I figured more people were familar with "The Flash" then "Impulse". Technically, Bart Allen starts off as Impulse, but later on he becomes the second Flash. Check out: - but whatever the name, he was wicked cool!!