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TV Review: Sanctuary

Sanctuary is pretty much a freak show.

The SciFi Channel's latest offering is loaded with weird creatures and at times tries too hard to create an eerie feel. The premiere wasn't spectacular but it did enough to keep me intrigued to see what happens next week. The story started off slow, too slow. But once we got pass all the lackluster cop stuff and onto an introduction of the actual sanctuary things got interesting.

As far as the production value goes there were a bunch of clique bits of dialogue and the writing isn't nearly as smart and subtle as Battlestar Galactica but the special effects were nicely done (aside from the cheesy mermaid). However some of the costumed creatures looked fake, like the monster butler and the creepy plant killer. But it wasn't that distracting from the storyline.

One nice surprise was seeing Kandyse McClure from BSG playing Robin's ex-girlfriend.

Bottom line: I'm not completely sold on this series but I'm going to give it a few more episodes to really impress me.

Did Sanctuary make a fan out of you?



Mirtika said...

Boring pilot. I'll watch one more episode and gauge if it's gonna get better.

I'm not entirely hopeful. The cast is rather boring.


SolShine7 said...

hehe. I get your sentiments.

Marcus McElhaney said...

I have to agree that the Pilot was not spectacular. The only thing I liked about it was the reveal that the lead lady character is immortal and her daughter is a killing machine. I have also recently seen the second episode and I liked it much better! Extremely. I'm planning to have more detailed comments later. Thanks for posting this!

SolShine7 said...

I watched the second episode and while it was "better" it didn't impress me. I'm going to watch the show one more time and if it doesn't captivate me then it's adios Sanctuary.

Marcus McElhaney said...

I see what you mean. I guess it was the many "John Woo" moments that I liked about the 2nd Episode. ik was also interested in the the secret organization that invaded the Sanctuary and had held the sisters hostage.

SolShine7 said...

Marcus, the concepts are good it's just how they're played out that makes the show so flat.

Marcus McElhaney said...

I sure hope it does improve.
those are an astute observations you have made about the show.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t start watching Sanctuary until the second season, then I went back and watched the first season after I was already hooked. I can see what you’re talking about though it didn’t have the most grabbing start to it. I’ve had DISH Network for years and just recently upgraded to HD after procrastinating on buying a new tv for a long time. I’m glad I did, the picture quality is simply amazing, I didn’t realize there would be that much of a difference in clarity. Watching the re-runs of Sanctuary now is kind of liking watching the show for the first time again. Have you kept up with the show? I know it got picked up for its fourth season and won some awards, maybe its worth giving it another try.