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8 Great Sci-Fi Couples

What's a good Sci-Fi movie and TV show without great love? Here are 8 great Sci-Fi couples that know how to get the sparks going and make you hope for a happy ending:

8. Neo & Trinity from The Matrix

The guy: Neo can dodge bullets and control them with his hands. Plus, Keanu Reeves' signature "whoa..." makes me smile everytime.

The girl: Trinity knows how to rock a leather jumpsuit like no other and she made slow-mo kicks uber cool.

Why they're cute together: Their love story is a little cheesy at times but somehow it just fits.

7. Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta from The Island

The guy: Lincoln is determined to do whatever it takes to save Jordan from going to the deadly "island" and it's that grim determination that makes him extremely attractive, that and somehow he's able to make that tight white uniform look cool.

The girl: She's the clone of a beautiful Calvin Klein model who wants to cut her up and use her for spare parts.

Why they're cute together: Even when they're not allowed to touch each other at the center their chemistry is pretty vibrant. When they escape and things really start to heat up.

6. Vincent & Irene from Gattaca

The guy: In a world where are children are genetically engineered to be in perfect health, Victor is doing his best to blend in without getting caught.

The girl: As pretty as Uma Thurman is, she's not one of the perfect ones.

Why they're cute together: These two "normals" make the perfect couple.

5. Lois & Clark from The New Adventures of Superman

The guy: He's superman! And when he's not...he looks a lot like Dean Cain with glasses.

The girl: She's a hard-hitting journalist who's got a thing for men in tights. She gives up Superman for Clark Kent, and in the end, she gets both. See, it pays to go for the "nice" guy.

Why they're so cute together: Their playful banter and Terri Hatcher's amazing hair (before the bogus cut) makes good TV.

4. Liz & Max from Roswell

The guy: He's an alien who happens to be this incrediably hot mysterious guy you've seen around high school and always wanted to get to know better. Plus, he's the kind of guy who would risk his secret identity to save the girl he loves.

The girl: Liz Parker is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep Max and the rest of the gang away from the FBI.

Why they're so cute together: Isn't it every teenage girl's dream to have the guy she likes get a real glimpse into her mind and heart? With Max, Liz gets that and more.

3. Max & Logan from Dark Angel

The guy: He's the wise-cracking underground cyberjournalist who's out to save the world from one scumball at a time.

The girl: Max is the escaped genetically enchanced orphan solider who couldn't care less about saving the world but ends up caring with Logan's help.

We're they're so cute together: We got to watch Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly fall in love, for real. Alba and Weatherly ended up getting engaged after the series. Too bad it didn't last. But at least we get to watch them fall in love over and over again on DVD.

2. Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese from The Terminator

The guy: He's sent back in time to protect Sarah from the coolest cyborg to ever grace the silver screen.

The girl: Sarah Conner starts off as this ordinary waitress and then is transformed into one of the toughest women in Sci-Fi movie history.

Why they're cute together: Though their love story was brief, it produced the leader of the future world, John Conner. And that's pretty cool.

1. Peter Parker & Mary-Jane from Spiderman

The guy: He's the geeky yet kind boy-next-door who turns into a superhero with "radioactive blood...and does whatever a spider can."

The girl: She's the girl-next-door who needs a nice guy like Peter Parker by her side.

Why they're cute together: What isn't cute about their story? That upside down kiss was pure movie magic.


Grace Bridges said...

Karen, I was trying to contact you but hotmail appears to be down. I wonder if you'd mind going to and adding yourself to the reviewers' database? That would be awesome. Leave the mailing address blank, I have yours already! I like your post. Cute pics! Feel free to delete this "irrelevant" comment...

SolShine7 said...

I signed up!

chrisd said...

Hi there-don't know how you have the time to do all that you do.

I wanted to ask you if you had read

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

Crispin, The Cross of Lead (and the sequel) by AVI

Let me know, would you? Hugs-

SolShine7 said...

Chrisd, I haven't read either of those books.

chrisd said...

I got The Sea of Trolls for $5 at my kids' book faire so I gave it a try.

Crispin is not fantasy or scifi but I really loved it.

Just curious about Sea of Trolls; thought you might have run across it in your many travels.


Karina Fabian said...

Got to agree on the Superman/Lois Lane. Loved that show, even when it got silly.

Did you know the Spiderman kiss took eight hours of filming to get right? They had to airbrush out the blue veins. The actor said water was running into his nose the enire time and it was the worst kiss ever.

Movie magic, indeed.


SolShine7 said...

Thanks for stopping by Karina. Yeah, I heard about how difficult that kiss was in reality, but I didn't know they airbrushed out their veins. Isn't that something?!?!

Talk about the life of an actor, but I think Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst are doing okay...that movie really put them on the map and lined their pockets with mucho money.