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Ghost Rider got it all wrong

I hope Nicolas Cage suprises me because picturing him as Ghost Rider is laughable. The only thing worst than this is that he was almost cast as Superman. Now that's just scary.

To make things more unbelieveable they have Eva Mendes as his love interest. I guess the Ghost Rider knows magic too.

Here's my picks for actors who would have made a steamier Johnny Blaze:

1. Paul Walker - He's hot, looks way better in a leather jacket and he's got the whole tough guy act down. Plus, him and Eva Menedes sharing an onscreen kiss would have been scorching.

2. Vin Diesel - He's got the voice, the attitude and he's looks like a Harley was made for him. It's too bad this role speeded past him.

3. Jason Statham - He was on fire in The Transporter. He's a shoe in for the reculant hero role and he's deadly cool.

Who knows? Maybe Cage will blow us away in this movie, he is a top-notch actor, but can he successfully pull off the role of a comicbook superhero? Sadly, as far as the trailer goes, it looks like this movie will be going down in flames.

R.I.P. Ghost Rider


Anonymous said...

Vin Diesel and Statham. Yeah. (Statham oozes testosterone! and that Voice!)

BTW, did you send a writing sample to Stuart yet for the Spec Faith thing? We're waiting. :)


Top said...

Paul Walker? He may loko like a star, but his mvies all tank, except for F&TF and that was because of Vin. I don't quite see Vin or Statham as the Ghost Rider, I see Hugh Jackman, but he's already Wolverine, so that won't work. But then again, I don't think Ghost Rider looks good at all, I mean of all the superheros why him? When's WonderWoman coming and who should play her?

chrisd said...

That's too bad--I thought it looked good.

Personally, Mr. Cage does nothing for me. I don't know the film so I couldn't guess which actor would be better.

Thanks for the review and have a great weekend.

SolShine7 said...

Mir, I'm gonna get that writing sample to Stuart!

Top, you're right. I don't think Paul Walker has been doing as well as people imagined him to do as a leading man. But I think In the Blue with Jessica Alba did okay at the box offices. Now Wonder Woman, hmm?? Maybe Michelle Rodriguez (Girl Fight, Resident Evil). She's the first person that popped into my mind when you asked me that Q.

Chrisd, the best superhero movie is yet to come...Spiderman 3! Now that's going to be awesome!!

chrisd said...

Hi there--thanks for stopping by. Yes, that was from Dan at Xianz. He is one busy guy. I only go over there maybe once a week, more like every other. It's pretty quiet.

They have added some nice features but yahoo groups is way easier.

Hope you have a healthy weekend!

chrisd said...

I want Sean Bean to a superhero.

You heard me--he's the best. Sorry.

I too am looking forward to Spiderman. I'm wondering if I should take my young kids, though. My youngest (6) wants to see it so bad. I don't know...


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Ah, Vin would have been great! But I love him in anything he does...

SolShine7 said...

Chrisd, Sean Bean would make a better super villian to me. OR he could be a superhero's mentor in a movie. Yeah, that would be cool.

Angela, you're right. Vin is just down-right cool. Thanks for visiting my site. I really enjoy reading your blog, especially when you do your lists.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: go read Angela a.k.a SciFiChick's's so good!!!

pixydust said...

Oh, perfect! I love Jason Statham, he's so slick.

dman said...

I agree with you about having Nicolas Cage as Ghostrider. I also think Paul Walker would have been a good ghostrider too.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Thanks! :)
Another girl who likes scifi/superheroes.. you're pretty cool yourself!