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"You make me feel out of my element, like I'm walkin' on broken glass. Like my world's spinnin' in slow motion and you're movin' too fast."

Those lyrics from Aly & AJ's "Chemicals React" pretty much sum up what Sci-Fi / Journalist is all about. Science fiction can take you to far away planets and civilizations. It challenges your imagination and takes you out of your element.

Jesus is radically beautiful and good. Sometimes following Him can make you feel out of your element too, like you can't quite get the right footing (like walking on broken glass) and you have these new "strange" universal principles to live by. It's like a whole new galaxy is being opened up to you.

That's why Jesus and Sci-Fi make a good blend. They ask: "What if?" What if people lived their lives differently? What if an awkward teen got bit by a radioactivate spider and devloped super powers? What if God sent His only son into the world to die and then rise again? What if man could journey to space, the final frontier and find aliens? What if a man could walk on water?

With Sci-Fi, anything can happen. And with God, all things are possible. Are you beginning to see the parallel yet?

Why the name Sci-Fi / Journalist?
I picked this name because (A) I like Sci-Fi and (B) I'm a journalist. I wanted to investigate how Science Fiction and Fantasy's epic stories of good vs. evil can be used to illustrate Gospel Truths.

Some really good stories that explain aspects of the Truth are The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Superman, Star Wars and many more.

And just like that...Jesus and Sci-Fi react.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or even answers (who doesn't need those?) feel free to email me: solshine7[at]

And remember to check out my other blog Think Virtue! for further observations on Jesus, entertainment and social justice.

*For more info on my why I wrote this blog check out my first post: "What's Sci-Fi got to do with it?"

**I'm placing this as my "first blog entry" but I actually submitted this on 2/15/07. Just so you know and don't ask, when did this pop up?**

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My name is Willy Minnix. I'm the editor in chief of the Christian Sci-Fi Journal. We're a new magazine looking for writers and columnists. Please check us out at (the web site's a work in progress), and let me know what you think. I can be reached at

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