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Teen Titans vs. Legion of Superheroes

Yep, I still watch Saturday morning cartoons--at least when I don't sleep in. Most of them are too sugary for my tastebuds but a few offer up a blend worthy of an older audience. I can watch Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes and not be bored out of my mind. Better yet, I throughly enjoy them.
So I was talking with my younger brothers about which team they think is better and that's when the idea for this post was born. One day I hope to create my own very cool and very fun Saturday morning cartoon that will unite brothers and sisters around the world.

So here's my young superhero match-up:

1. Robin vs. Superboy - Even though Superboy would kick Robin's butt handsdown, Robin is cooler, so take that boy of steel.

2. Beast Boy vs. Timber Wolf - Beast Boy is so playful and funny. And his one big tooth is way too cute. Timber Wolf needs to lighten up and a good butt-kicking from Beast Boy just might do the trick.

3. Cyborg vs. Lightning Lad & Bouncing Boy - First off, Bouncing Boy annoys the crap out of me. I wish he would roll away or something. So that leaves Cyborg and Lightening Lad. Sorry Cyborg, you're old and Lightning Lad can fly, game over for you.

4. Raven vs. Brainac 5 & Saturn Girl - Somehow, I think Raven could pull off an upset win. How? I don't know.

5. Starfire vs. Phantom Girl - I like Starfire better, it's my list so I can do whatever I want, try and stop me! Ha!

Winner: Teen Titans! [insert applause] But seriously, Teen Titans has the better story lines, action sequences and a way cooler theme song. Teen Titans, go, Teen Titans!!!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I haven't watched any of these yet, but I'm a big fan of Teen Titans comics.
Have you watched any of the X-Men cartoons? I've heard that those were good too.

And how about Ghost Rider tomorrow? Going?

SolShine7 said...

I used to watch the X-Men cartoon when it was on FOX Kids with my little brothers, and how could I not like Wolverine! He's just so freakin' cool.

As for Ghost Rider, well, I'll wait this one out...if the movie gets really great reviews then I'll give it a shot. But even so, ever time I see the trailer my dislike for it grows.

What about you?

Becky C. said...

I love this blog.It is cool, nice, intelligent...

When you get a chance take a look at the list of Girls of Outer Space that was put together by myself, two gf's and my sister:

It is a subjective thing--but--it would be interesting to see what a professional sci-fi critic had to say.


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm going this afternoon with some friends. I have a free movie pass though.. so it doesn't matter if I don't like it.. It's free!
But going in with low expectations, I'll probably enjoy it more than I think.

chrisd said...

Don't tell anyone-I like them too. Shhhh

But I simply HATE Yu gi Oh. There is no story line--it's all about selling those cards.

My kids watch those. I'll have to watch them now and see if I agree.

My recent favorite (which is off the air) is/was Recess. Oh, I loved that one.

SolShine7 said...

Becky, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll glad you enjoy it.

Angela, tell me how it goes!!

SolShine7 said...

Chrisd, ::whispering:: I won't tell.

Yu Gi Oh, is just plain annoying to me. That and Dragonball.

Now, Recess--that show was so much fun!!! I even saw the movie at the $1 show with my family. Good times!

SQT said...

Who'd a thunk it? Robin cool in this lifetime. Imagine, taking a somewhat gay icon from the 60's and turning him into a comic bada$$. You gotta love it.

SolShine7 said...

Sqt, hehe. You're right, Robin used to be cheesy back in the day. Thank God for Sam Register for reinventing him.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

As for Ghost Rider-
Save your money.. I thought The Hulk was the worst Marvel movie ever made. I was wrong.
Not only completely predictable, but such cheesy dialog that my friends and I were laughing through the whole thing.

SolShine7 said...

Angela, LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Hulk was one of the worst Marvel movies. Although Captain America takes first place because that movie just flat out sucked.

I think Ghost Rider got #1 at the box office because everyone wanted the movie to surprise us and be good. Oh well. I'll wait until Ghost Rider comes out on DVD to throw popcorn at the screen.

Robyn said...

I LOVE Teen Titans, but I admit to being addicted to a couple of oldies: Thundercats and She-Ra.

Top said...

How have I missed these cartoons? I guess once Batman Beyond went off I gave up. I absolutely loved Batman Beyond. The Batman cartoon was retro-cool, and the Superman was pretty good, but they didn't give S-man the emotional turmoil that Clark has on Smallville. My oldies fav was Thundar the Barbain, I mean he had a sword made of fire!

SolShine7 said...

Robyn, She-Ra rocks!! I used to have her little dolls/action figures when I was little.

Top, Batman Beyond used to be one of my favorites too. The new Batman was so snarky and I really liked the banter between him and Bruce Wayne. Since you like Batman Beyond, you'll probably like Teen Titans and maybe Legion of Superheroes.

I've never seen Thundar though.

Anonymous said...

Thundar was the best! I used to watch it with my kids and really enjoyed it. Hung on to our little Orko toy for quite some time too. Wonder where he went.... Ah well... :)

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