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A lesson from the X-Men

Wolverine: Sometimes we need to heal fast and follow our instincts.

Storm: God gave us dominion over the Earth, we're its keepers so we should use its resources for good and respect its power.

Rogue: Sometimes our touch can hurt people. Even our best attentions can go awry, so use your touch wisely.

Iceman: There are times to be frozen, when it comes to being solid in our faith.

Shadowcat/Kitty: As children of God we're meant to break down barriers and walk through walls to unite people and show them the beauty and truth of Jesus.

Cyclops: We need to watch how we look at people. Sometimes our stares can be deadly.

Jean Grey: Our mind is a powerful thing, we can either master it or let it master us.

Professor X: We're supposed to equip others on how to fight for goodness and justice.

Colossus: Sometimes we need to be as strong as metal so the devil's arrows won't break through our armor.

Archangel: We need to spead our wings and fly.

Beast: There are times when we need be diplomatic and there are times when we need to fight.

The X-Men have it right, it's time take a stand. For Christ.


Top said...

Those were excellent, where did you get them? I would SOOOO love to create superhero characters that are believers. Of course there will be struggles and questions that cannot be answered, but how wonderful it would be to see a character truly exhibit a faith in Jesus Christ.

SolShine7 said...

I made those up myself. They're part of a Bible Study I'm working on. I love the X-Men! I used to watch the character on FOX Kids with my little brothers.

You should definitely work on creating those superhero characters, that would be really cool.

dman said...

Those were cool. I liked all of them they were all true.