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Blood and Chocolate

The producers of Underworld are at it again...

Blood and Chocolate is a romantic thriller that includes forbidden love, werewolves, and Oliver Martinez. Ooh la la! If this movie is even close to as good as Underworld was then I'll leave the theater satisfied. Blood and Chocolate is the story of teen wolf who must choose between sticking with the pack and being with the man she loves. This movie is based off a novel of the same name written by Annette Curtis Klause.

Who knows, maybe one day Hollywood will make Never Ceese by Sue Dent into that would be cool.

Visit Blood and Chocolate's official site.
Watch the trailer.


Sue Dent said...

Who do you think should play Richard? I have a particular person in mind but was curious who someone else might come up with.

Mirtika said...

See, I didn't like UNDERWORLD (so didn't bother watching the sequel). Olivier Martinez, well, he's easy on the eyeballs. :D