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The Pretender

Jarod and Miss Parker reunite again...well, sort of.

The Hallmark Channel is showing re-runs of one of my favorite shows: The Pretender. It's the story of a genius who was kidnapped and exploited by The Centre for less than creditable purposes because he could learn how to be anyone he wanted in a matter of minutes.

I used to gather around the television with my family for our weekly installments of the genius who looked incrediably hot in a black leather jacket. At least for an "old guy"--I would say (I was in high school and late twenties was old for me). The best part of The Pretender was the cat and mouse chase between the snarky yet sharply dressed Miss Parker and Jarod a.k.a "The Pretender". Their tit-for-tat was as captivating as two professional tango dancers going at it.

ALSO, The Pretender movies are being released on a combo DVD this March. The second movie includes the tough as nails Miss Parker and your friendly neighborhood genius Jarod stranded on an island cool. A hat tip goes to Jarod's Safe House and TV Shows on DVD for the news.

This is your chance to fall in love with The Pretender all over again, or to meet your new TV love for the first time.

For more info check out The Pretender Centre


chrisd said...

I LOVED this show! Thanks for reminding me that, although I would love to watch it, I don't have cable.

Have a great week, hon!

Top said...

I forgot about the Pretender! I did not watch that show when it originally aired, then I caught it on reruns once it was cancelled and LOVED it! Are the movies they're releasing on DVD new or made during the original airings? Did this show ever resolve the issues or did it leave the audience wondering what happened?

SolShine7 said...

Top, the second movie, was made after the show was off the air. I'm not sure about the first one (which I haven't seen yet). I can't remember if the show resolved all the issues raised, I'm not even sure if I saw the final espisode, it's been a while. But I definitely want to add The Pretender series and movies to my DVD collection when I can.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Hey, Karen, I've been meaning to contact you regarding a comment you left on Forensics and Faith a few days ago. You mentioned seeing my photo as a "mentor" in an ad for Christian Writers Guild. Total news to me. (The ad, I mean. I was a mentor to the one person quoted in the ad.) Do you still have that ad, and if so, could you mail it to me? You can email me for address. (Sorry--couldn't find your email listed anywhere.)