Chicago time!

Comic-con gone Midwest.

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - trailer

An Underworld movie without Kate Beckinsale doesn't seem as cool. Beckinsale completely owned that role! She was kick-butt while bringing a softness and depth to her character at the same time. The next movie in the series is a prequel the original. The trailer looks pretty good except for the lead actress, Rhona Mitra. I saw her in Doomsday and her acting was extremely bland, even when she's been in supporting roles her performances were decent at best. But you never know, sometimes actors can surprise you. Since Underworld is what made me like vampire films I'm hoping this one turns out good despite the fact that Len Wiseman didn't direct it.

What are your thoughts on the latest addition to the franchise?

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Star Trek: The New Cast

I'm not a Trek fan but this picture makes me a little excited. My casting favorites are Zoe Saldana as Uhura and John Cho as Sulu.

Are you eager to see this film?

[Hat tip to Mystery Man]


Dakota Fanning Goes Sci-fi in Push

People realize they have special powers and they go on a quest to save the world. It's your basic storyline but it's the how that makes things interesting. Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans team up in Push to do their brand of saving the world from crazy people who want to do bad stuff. It's look like it could be good.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

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The Final Trailer for Twilight

Maybe it's just me but I liked the first trailer better. It had more mystique whereas the final trailer makes the story seem a little cheesy with some of its on-the-nose dialogue and soap opera stares.

For the sake of all future vampire love stories I hope Twilight lives up to its hype. I'm really enjoying the vampire (and werewolf) trends in pop culture and it would be a shame to see it fade away so briefly.

Are you stoked about seeing the movie? Or are you satisfied with the books?


Twilight in HD

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TV Review: Sanctuary

Sanctuary is pretty much a freak show.

The SciFi Channel's latest offering is loaded with weird creatures and at times tries too hard to create an eerie feel. The premiere wasn't spectacular but it did enough to keep me intrigued to see what happens next week. The story started off slow, too slow. But once we got pass all the lackluster cop stuff and onto an introduction of the actual sanctuary things got interesting.

As far as the production value goes there were a bunch of clique bits of dialogue and the writing isn't nearly as smart and subtle as Battlestar Galactica but the special effects were nicely done (aside from the cheesy mermaid). However some of the costumed creatures looked fake, like the monster butler and the creepy plant killer. But it wasn't that distracting from the storyline.

One nice surprise was seeing Kandyse McClure from BSG playing Robin's ex-girlfriend.

Bottom line: I'm not completely sold on this series but I'm going to give it a few more episodes to really impress me.

Did Sanctuary make a fan out of you?


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Season 3 of Heroes: Still Interested?

The second season left viewers in a shaky place. Characters were killed off and the aditon of new characters gave the show an odd balance. Storylines felt dragged out and I was wondering if Heroes could recoup after the Writer's Strike and prolonged periods of gaps of new episodes.

Here are some things I like about season 3 so far:

Suresh has a super power. And it's very X-Men Beast like but I'm not sure if he's turning into a villain or if he's fighting off his inner darkness. We'll have to see.

Ando and Hiro's friendship is in question. This makes things interesting. Will Ando turn on Hiro or will Hiro turn on Ando?

Maya and Suresh hook up. They make an extremely cute couple but I don't think it will last long. Plus, wasn't she just falling in love with Sylar last season? Girly needs to take a chill pill before she gets herself into more trouble.

They show seems to have landed on better footing. Hopefully things will keep getting better. And by all means, please don't drag out the storylines or what fans they have left will decide to TiVo something else.

What are you thoughts on the new season of Heroes?


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Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

I wanted to see how the first few episodes turned out before I posted my thoughts on it. Although the first season was a little dry at times I finally feel like the show has found its cadence. There's a more established vibe with characters so it makes it easier to follow the story without all the cumbersome explanations that seemed to bog down the show last season.

In episode 4 "Allison from Palmdale" Summer Glau offers a great portrayal of her character's back story. We get to see Cameron act in a way we've never seen her before: smiling and laughing. This little revelation sets the stage for what is to come.

And finally, I look forward to seeing John Conner's transformation from geeky guy to kick-butt leader. It's about time he gets some real training.

What are your thoughts on season 2 so far?