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The Princess of Neptune

I stumbled upon The Princess of Nepture by Quentin Dodd when I was doing a Google search for books similar to the one I'm writing, to see what the market is like and to check out my competition (all that good stuff writers should do). Dodd's story is very different from mine but we do share the Google phrase of "intergalactic teen". So for the mere fact that we write in the same sci-fi teen book genre I checked out his site and was really impressed. His books would probably be in the "customers who bought this item also bought" section of Amazon for my future novels. Maybe I can email him and get some tips. The target audience for my sci-fi works are teens and twenty-somethings. A big emphasis of my style is that I include multi-ethnic characters and characters of several races and various backgrounds. So that includes Native Americans to Filipinos and everyone in between. But let me get back to how I was impressed by Dodd's stories. From the sample chapters I read from The Princess of Neptune, he writes in a witty first-person point of view. The characters are funny, engaging and very human (well, except for the aliens--but I imagine that they'll even be pretty relateable to us earthbound people).

I bookmarked his site and plan on heading down to the library and to see if they have his novels in their collection. If not, I'll check out Barnes & Noble or Borders to see if they have it in stock. I'd definately like to buy this book and see what happens to the "punk-rock teenager and her pesky younger brother". I'm adding The Princess of Neptune to my list of sci-fi books to read just under Sue Dent's Never Ceese and the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield.

So if you're a fan of teen sci-fi in the vein of Melinda Metz's Roswell High series or Bill Myer's Forbidden Doors series then check out Dodd's site and you just might find your next favorite book.

Happy Reading!