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Black, Christian and Super-duper!

Meet the new superheroes on the block.

I found this cool article via called "Black Christian Heroes To the Rescue in Comics" that was featured in The Washington Post. How sweet is that? Milestone Media and Urban Minstries, Inc. team up to meet the apparent need for more ethnically diverse superheroes in comic books. The series Genesis 5 is about five teen angels who are "aided by a mortal teenager and an awestruck cabdriver." The angels "have to save the world, protect their identities and still make it home by curfew!"

This is good news for Christians, like me, who make it a point to include heroes who come in different shades and ethnicities.

Visit The Guardian Line website for previews of their comics.
Read Milestone Media's wikipedia entry.
Browse The Musuem of Black Superheroes.
Listen to NPR's take on Black Comicbook Superheroes.

In other news, John Singleton (Four Brothers, Boys in the Hood) is set to direct Marvel Comic's black superhero Luke Cage film coming to the big screen in 2008. Tyrese Gibson (Four Brothers) is in talks for the lead role.

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