Heroes come in many colors

No doubt, my new favorite TV show is by far Heroes. If you haven't been following the show then shame on you (and you call yourself a Sci-Fi fan). Okay, so this is my attempt to explain a piece of why Heroes is a hit. The simplicity of it all may shock you, so prepare yourself: they're not all white! Just in case you missed that I'll repeat: they're not all white! And I say this with no offense intended but a part of the success, I'd even venture to say a BIG part of the success is that the heroes come in many colors. For many minority people looking to see themselves represented in Sci-Fi this is a major breakthrough. Honestly, how many shows on national television can boast of having an Asian man as the break-out star? Seriously, who doesn't love Hiro and his wide-eyed innocence to save the world? It's almost a miracle in itself to have another language than English being spoken on a prime-time show (exluding any alien talk). It makes me want to run down to the mall and buy the latest Rosetta Stone Japanese guide so I can understand what Hiro is saying without the subtitles. But then, the subtitles are so wicked cool I'd want to read them anyway.

I won't even begin to say how long I've dreamed of having an Indian man in a leading role. Surresh is by far is the hottest Heroes hunk. He can totally track me down anyday. We could go to Bible study together.

Another highlight of the show is the inter-racial relationships. There's Nikki and her walk through walls husband. Hiro and his rapid reading diner girl. Isaac and his art dealer girlfriend. Then Peter and Miss. Art dealer lady. Surresh and his double crossing power of persuasion lady. Then there's Micah, bi-racial superhero, isn't he the cutest? (God knows we need some more multi-ethnic children like me). A bunch of people on are hooked on Heroes too.

It's looks like Hollywood execs are finally beginning to see that diversity in TV shows, especially Sci-Fi ones, is something that we want.

Until Heroes starts back up in January let this little phrase bring you joy:

Save the cheerleader, save the world.


brandilyn said...

Karen, I've been trying for a couple of days to post a comment to you, thanking you for visiting my blog. (Blogger was acting up for me.) I appreciate your comments you've left. Hope the F&F community will be helpful to you as you continue to write. Blessings!

SolShine7 said...

Thanks Brandilyn. I enjoy reading your blogs. I wish you all the best in your writing journey too!!

Mirtika said...

Hah. I said the same thing about Suresh: "Who is that amazingly gorgeous MAN!?"

The Latin looking guy who's the painter is not at all shabby, either.

But Hiro is definitely my fave.

My least fave is politician man who can fly.

I've missed a couple of episodes (including the much ballyhooed SAVE THE CHEERLEADER one), but I figure I can catch up with synopses before new episodes come out.


SolShine7 said...

Yeah, the painter is cute when he's not all drugged out. Hiro is definately the break-out star of the show, he's just so fun to watch. I think the politcian is going to turn evil, something's just not right with him and sibling rivalaries always spice up a storyline!

And you just gotta see the famous "save the cheerleader, save the world episode" Hiro has a sword in it. Way cool. You can catch re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel. I'm sure you're bound to find that episode.

Thanks for commenting!