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THR3E coming to theaters!

This is hot off the Ground Force Network press...Ted Dekker's Christian thriller Thr3e is coming to the big screen courtesy of FOX Faith. You can be part of the team that gets the word out by joining the Ground Force Network street team and signing up for this promotion campaign. By signing up you can win a chance to get some cool stuff. Here's an excerpt from their email:

We need YOU to help us do the following:
- get the word out about THR3E in your community & online
- gather groups of friends to attend the movie with you on opening weekend

As a member of this team you'll have a chance to earn the following:
- an autographed copy of THR3E (the novel)
- movie tickets
- a cool THR3E t-shirt

Think this is something you're interested in? Then join the street team and have some fun already!

Here's the official THR3E movie synposis:
When a young seminary student is targeted by a psychopathic killer, he joins forces with a criminal psychologist whose brother was murdered by the same madman. Together they must unravel the killer's riddles and catch him before he strikes again, but the closer they get, the more twisted the path becomes. This heart-pounding thriller will keep you guessing up until the final shocking scene!

I haven't actually read any of Dekker's novels because I'm not really into thriller books, but I remember reading a little bit of his books when I was browsing around in a Christian bookstore in Phoenix. From the little I remember reading I enjoyed imagining where the plots might go. This book is definately movie material and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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