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Christian Author Featured on

Jeffrey Overstreet, author of Auralia's Colors, is featured in a short article on The SciFi Channel's news site: SciFi Wire. He talks about the inspiration behind his debut novel and his plans for the next book in the series.

I've been an avid reader of his blog Looking Closer for about a year now and I read his movie reviews over at Christianity Today. He has interesting and thought-provoking perspectives on films. His commentary on The Golden Compass is a prime example. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't but that's what makes reviews fun. Overstreet has definitely emerged as one of my favorite Christian film critics.

Things like this give me hope for the Christian sci-fi/fantasy genre. Quality writing by Christian writers can rise to the top and influence our society, one sci-fi lovin' fan at time.

Congrats Jeffrey! And keep up the good work!!!

(Hat tip to SF Signal)


Rango said...

I never heard of this author before. But he seems really cool. You have to show me some of his stuff!

SolShine7 said...

Will do! Or in the words of Michelle Tanner "You got it dude!" You know I say that all the time. hehe ;)

chrisd said...

Jefferey Overstreet's name is popping up all over, not just in the Christian circles.

I'm interested in reading his book, now.

When I have the time.


SolShine7 said...

Yeah, isn't it cool?!?!

Anonymous said...

Just finished this today. Wow. Ummm... Wow. Yeah. Never read anything like it before, ever. The quality holds with the best fantasy I've read. I'll have to read it again a little more slowly so I can figure out how he does it.