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Artist Spotlight: Rachel A. Marks


Rachel A. Marks has emerged as one of my favorite upcoming Christian artists. Her work is based in the fantasy genre. She draws pixies, mermaids and other mystic creatures. She has been published in the online Christian speculative fiction 'zines The Sword Review and Dragons, Knights, and Angels.

I especially enjoyed her use of gray and black in the above painting. The hair strands are beautifully placed and the green eyes and mascara are nicely detailed.

In a few years time, as Marks refines her style you just might see a picture like this on the cover of the latest Christian sci-fi hit.


cathikin said...

I adore Rachel Marks. A friend of mine gave me a framed print of her "Goodbye" for Christmas, and I think it may be my favorite gift this year.

Pixy said...

Karen! I just saw this. Thanks so much for the sweet words! (((big hugs))) And as to the question you placed on my blog: I actually took the reference for "If I Only Could" from a scene in Tristin and Isolde. So, good catch! :D I just love that movie!