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TV Review: Fringe

The series premiere for Fringe was layered full of intrigue, making it a prime example of a pilot episode done right. On every facade Fringe delivers from superb acting to impressive special effects all the way down to a solid plot that leaves the audience wanting more.

Most of the story takes place in Boston and its surrounding suburbs. The snowy setting establishes the show's vibe quite nicely. We're introduced to FBI special agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) who's latest call to duty is about to change her life forever. As she follows the case and becomes engaged in a race to save her partner/lover's life she encounters a crazed scientist (John Noble), a rogue genius (Joshua Jackson) and a homeland security agent (Lance Reddick) who help her make sense of all the strange science that's happening around her.

Bottom line: Fringe has all the right ingredients to make a wonderful season. Let's hope they keep things fresh and captivating every Tuesday night.

What were your impressions of the show?


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introspective said...

Overall. Fringe is good TV series. It reminds me a little bit to Torchwood and X Files. I hope that it will not be spoiled over time.