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Battlestar Galactica Republican Look-a-likes

John McCain = Colonel Tigh

President Roslin = Sarah Palin

I wish I would have thought of this first! The similarities are too funny. And the plot only thickens because Cindy MCain kind of resembles Ellen Tigh. Hilarious.

Can you think of any other sci-fi connections for the presidential candidates?

[Hat tip to FilmChat]


MMcelhaney said...

I laughed when I saw this post. I see your point. McCain does truly look like Colonel Tye. Although I have been kind of out of the loop on Battlestar Galactica but last I saw it was hinted at that the Colonel may be a Cylon! Is that a coincidence too? Maybe best not to read too much into it.

MMcelhaney said...

Oh I forgot to add that both Tye and McCain were horrendously tortured and had to come to terms with their consciences and consequences of the things they did and said during their times as POWs....maybe I'm reading too much into it.

SolShine7 said...

No, you're not reading too much into it. There's another site or blog that mentions the POW reference. I'll have to search and find the link again. If I find it, I'll post it here.

Dave Q. said...

LOL! That is awesome. Nice post!

SolShine7 said...

Thanks Dave. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!