Artist Spotlight: Selina Fenech

("The Guardian" by Selina Fenech)

This picture radiates emotion. Whenever I look at it something inside me shifts and that's what good art is supposed to do. Move you.

For more of Fenech's work visit her website.

(Hat tip to Rachael A. Marks, another cool artist, who featured this picture on her MySpace page.)


Top said...

Wow, beautiful!

And hey, that trailer you have posted for Kinetic looks great! What a show that would be! But that trenchcoat has got to go...;)

Elliot said...

Hi, SolShine! Thanks for your comment over at Holy Heroes!! Cool blog. I particularly like the subtitle.

You may (or may not) be interested on this post I did about the history of Christians writing science fiction:

SolShine7 said...

Top, at first I didn't like the trenchcoat but now I do. So stick with it, just upgrade it to a cooler style. I like how it flows in the wind.

Elliot, thanks for stopping by. I think the subtitle is pretty cool myself, collide is one of my favorite words.

I'll check out that post when I get a chance.

Mirtika said...

I love that pic. It's so romantic!!!


SolShine7 said...

Yeah, it's supernaturally romantic.

chrisd said...

Hi Sol--pretty picture! I love black and white!