Mutant Chronicles trailer

Sounds interesting to me:

Mutant Chronicles is set in the year 2707, on an unrecognizable Earth where a war is raging between four giant corporations who control the planet as they battle over the planet's dwindling resources. This war is soon rendered irrelevant when an errant bomb shatters an ancient buried seal, releasing a horrific mutant army from its prison deep within the earth. As the mutant scourge threatens human extinction, a squad of ragged soldiers, led by Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane), descends into the earth in a last ditch effort to destroy the mutants and save mankind.



jimmy paravane said...

eh, usual few against the army of the dead zombie mutant hordes mistake...anywhere automatic small arms, explosives and swords will work, tactical nuclear weapons will work better. (grin)

Marcus McElhaney said...

I'll give it a chance. I'll try it out to see if I like it.

Geoff J said...

This was released over here in the UK last year to dreadful reviews.

Ehav Ever said...

Looks a little cliche. I always like the enemies who are more thinking than the army of mindless or barely mindless something else's.

Dave Q. said...

I caught the tail end of this movie last night. I had never heard of it. But I like good Sci-Fi, so I gave it a chance.

In the end, I wasn't too impressed.