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Season 3 of Heroes: Still Interested?

The second season left viewers in a shaky place. Characters were killed off and the aditon of new characters gave the show an odd balance. Storylines felt dragged out and I was wondering if Heroes could recoup after the Writer's Strike and prolonged periods of gaps of new episodes.

Here are some things I like about season 3 so far:

Suresh has a super power. And it's very X-Men Beast like but I'm not sure if he's turning into a villain or if he's fighting off his inner darkness. We'll have to see.

Ando and Hiro's friendship is in question. This makes things interesting. Will Ando turn on Hiro or will Hiro turn on Ando?

Maya and Suresh hook up. They make an extremely cute couple but I don't think it will last long. Plus, wasn't she just falling in love with Sylar last season? Girly needs to take a chill pill before she gets herself into more trouble.

They show seems to have landed on better footing. Hopefully things will keep getting better. And by all means, please don't drag out the storylines or what fans they have left will decide to TiVo something else.

What are you thoughts on the new season of Heroes?



madame z said...

I agree that the show 'has' landed on better footing. Some things and characters have changed (and/or changing) dramatically; like total 180s and with them subtitling the saga "Villains" the interest overall has most definitely been piqued. I missed the second episode and would be less than honest if I didn't admit to giving some of the new 'directions' a veritable 'side-eye', but I will watch this show regardless...and if it falls into the pit of another Season 2 (not likely) then I'll wait and rent it on boxset.

Loving the website! I think I stumbled here through or, I forget which. When you get a chance, check out one I'm affiliated with. There are spots open for guest writers, though I see you have your hands full with a number of your own.


MMcelhaney said...

I love Heroes. I even liked a lot of season 2. I really was unhappy that season 2 was cut short.
I also like the new directions things are going in. I did not expect any of it. Peter is my favorite character because he is the most powerful and seems to have a moral compass that always points to the good of others. I have been blogging my detailed reactions to the first 3 episodes. They can be found at: