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Rosario Dawson stars in new sci-fi webisode

Awesome news! Rosario Dawson will be starring in her own web series this August alongside Smallville favorite, Justin Hartley, who played the Green Arrow.

The Gemini Division tells the story of Anna Diaz, a NYPD detective who gets caught up in a battle over some mysterious genetically modified soldiers gone AWOL. But as the story evolves, she wonders if she's fighting on the right side.

It's cool to see how the traditional TV programing model is being reshaped by the Internet and it's even cooler to have one of my favorite actresses be one of the first to bridge the gap between two.

The Gemini Division premieres on August 18th. Be sure to come back here and share your reviews!

[Hat tip to SciFi Chick]
[photo credit Wired magazine]


AJ Harper said...

Rosario Dawson is not only a great actress, but also one that is not afraid to take risks, I'm betting her interest in Sci-Fi will pay off big.
P.S. why isn't she in Heroes or Lost?

SolShine7 said...

You're right, she's a great risk-taker. Thanks for stopping by!

MMcelhaney said...

I really liked the webisodes. Rosario and Justin were great. I can't wait to see what happens next. I was glad to see two episodes instead of just one. I guess the next one is out next week. Thanks for sharing this information. I heard about this first from you.

James said...

Rosario is amazing in everything she does. She's still in small indie work as well. There's an actress who reminds me of her in Apocalyptic Playground. I think it's about time African American actors became more mainstream as leads.

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