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The Call of Aslan Art Show

"Repentence" is my favorite drawing by Rachel A. Marks (a.k.a Pixydust). It conveys so much emotion and is a splendid visual of the battle that we all face between doing what we know to be right and resisting the temptation to do wrong. How many times have you felt like the man in this drawing? I know I'm done some stupid stuff and ended up feeling like a total screw-up. But the beauty of this drawing's message is that there is hope.

If you enjoy "Repentence" as much as I do then check out Rachel's website for more of her artwork and details on how to purchase reprints. Also, head over to The Call of Aslan's 2006 Art Show to view the rest of the art in the gallery.

Hat tip to Mir for highlighting the art show in her blog.


chrisd said...

She's really good, isn't she?

SolShine7 said...

Yeah. I want to buy the reprint for this one.

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